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“Electronic signature”

February 22nd, 2007 Comments off

Recently I stumbled across the request from S-Trust for inclusion of their CA certificates into the Mozilla root certificate database.
Usually I would consider this a good thing since S-Trust provides “qualified signatures” on bank cards from the German Savings Banks and so I looked at their website to see if it would be an idea to order such a signature.

What I’ve found is pretty annoying:

    The software (ZKA-Sig-API) which is needed to download the certificate to the chipcard is only available for Windows.
    I couldn’t find any useful information on how to use the chipcard together with Firefox or Thunderbird so my guess is that one would need a PKCS11 module integrated in the application which is only available in their Sign-it software which is … only available for Windows.

That and this sentence from the comment
in above bug: “All German citizen are able to get one of these signature cards.” really annoy me.

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