During the last days I had to fix several issues because of new GTK. Some changes in mozilla code are needed to make it work (reliably) with new GTK and Cairo. At the same time I’ve started to prepare the next generation of SUSE’s mozilla based packages to use Pango for font rendering. Some adoptions in mozilla code were/are needed to be able to use it out of the box. Now almost all XFT references are replaced by Pango stuff (in pango enabled builds for sure). All this is unfortunately not for SUSE Linux 10.0 (openSUSE), because of the deep changes which were needed for the 1.0.x series of Toolkit apps. (They have no Pango support for font rendering at all, even though Fedora/RedHat ships (almost) all needed patches to enable it within their RPMs.)


GTK fun

hmm, last night the GNOME guys checked in GTK 2.8 to openSUSE for beta 3. This broke all my mozilla toolkit-based packages (firefox/thunderbird/sunbird) πŸ™
I found the reason for this but I’m still not sure what is the best fix for it. pangoxft-1.0 and pangox-1.0 will not be linked in the static {application}-bin because they were used to be in MOZ_GTK2_LIBS before which they aren’t now as gtk2.8 is based on cairo.


back at work

Back in the office today and found an openSUSE cap on my desk. Thanks Andreas!

Just installed 10.0beta1 and observing some bigger problems with mozilla based packages crashing very often.
The same packages built for 9.3 don’t behave that way. So either we have some glib/gtk problems or it’s caused by the separation of NSPR . I’m just checking this out.



I’m still on vacation until wednesday but finally I’m online again πŸ˜‰

Spent some hours reading all my mails. It’s everytime a bad thing to be on vacation during beta phase and it’s even worse since openSUSE and a fully open Bugzilla.

BTW: I was in Kalifornien for dinner last week (not California but a german village at the coast to the Baltic Sea next to Brasilien. Funny thing.)


moz security updates (and vacation)

Just read Marcus’ article about mozilla’s security maintenance.
It’s really a pain to have those dependencies to applications which are using Gecko. But we made progress to not depend applications which just use NSPR and NSS on mozilla. So only real Gecko embedding applications are affected. SUSE Linux 10.0 will most likely be the last release with mozilla shipped as application suite as it is discontinued from the Mozilla Foundation. (But we will need another vehicle to deliver Gecko for other applications.)

BTW: I’m on vacation now for one and half week and will be offline for this time not writing to my brand-new blog πŸ˜‰


It’s finally there …

As I find it sometimes very interesting to read blogs from other guys, I decided to try it out myself. Maybe someone
find it also interesting sometimes?
So I’ve searched for some weblog system to install on my server and chose WordPress for now.
So here it is and hopefully I will make some use of it πŸ˜‰