openSUSE 11.4 has reached end of Evergreen support

I have posted the following to the openSUSE lists a few moments ago:

as you probably know our initial commitment to support 11.4 within
Evergreen was until July 2014.

While I was hoping that we can keep 11.4 alive for some time longer this
is currently not possible from what I would call the "core team" which
is Stefan and myself. We are too busy nowadays to be able to scan and
patch every issue we get aware of.

Thanks to you all who contributed to the success of Evergreen/11.4!

The important message is:

   openSUSE 11.4 Evergreen is not actively maintained anymore!

So if you can, we recommend to switch to openSUSE 13.1 as soon as
possible which is still planned to be an Evergreen release.

Some more details below:
The repository already got and will most likely get more updates from
package maintainers who care about 11.4 and/or their packages though.
You noticed that with recent releases of patches for the bash and NSS
issues already, BUT this is _no_ guarantee that every security issue
will be fixed.
We will accept contributions from anyone though and I will try to take
care about "my" packages.

Some numbers from 11.4 Evergreen (as far as I was able to get them easily):

Evergreen lifetime: 21 months
11.4 overall lifetime (incl. Evergreen): 41 months / 3 years 5 months

Evergreen lifetime numbers (w/o official maintenance period):
Released update source packages: 804
Unique touched source packages:  177
rough number of patches (based on incident counter): 320

Let me also quote Marcus' numbers from official maintenance lifetime:

Total updates: 723
	Security:    416
	Recommended: 306
	Optional:      1