Out of process browser plugins coming

Mozilla is going to release the next Firefox 3.6 maintenance update (3.6.4) with a new feature to run browser plugins outside of the main process. The biggest advantage about that is that crashing plugins do not crash the whole browser anymore which can be a great improvement for people experiencing regular Flash crashes. Actually for Firefox 3.6.4 that feature only is enabled for Adobe’s Flash plugin and only makes a difference on 32bit installations (as 64bit still uses nspluginwrapper which does a similar thing anyway).
In addition to that there was some rework on the crashreporter which should work for x86-64 and is using DWARF symbols now which makes breakpad’s symbol creation compatible again with our default debuginfo packages.
To get some testing on these new features I have prepared packages for the upcoming release in the mozilla:beta OBS repository. Feel free to provide any feedback as comment to that post, Bugzilla, opensuse-factory-mozilla@opensuse.org or via IRC to me.


5 thoughts on “Out of process browser plugins coming

  1. as you say, for linux users it makes no difference – i’ve had bloody flash crash on me every second site i visit but the browser never bothered to crash 😉

  2. For 64bit users, who use the 64-bit version of flash plugin without nspluginwrapper (which was available for a long time) it should make difference too. I think…

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