Call for testing: Firefox 4.0b4 on KDE (and in general)

If you are brave enough feel free to update to Firefox 4.0b4 from the mozilla:beta repository. It will not install in parallel to previous versions but will replace your existing Firefox package. As always you want to backup your profile before so you can go back to your previous version without problems.
The latest package contains the KDE integration patches we had in FF3.x which are pretty much untested. So if you run KDE and want to give it a try please report issues you find in Novell’s Bugzilla.


8 thoughts on “Call for testing: Firefox 4.0b4 on KDE (and in general)

  1. I’m using FF4 for a while, as a second browser
    which I download from Mozilla nightly builds as a tar.gz file.

    If openSUSE FF4 will be installed to a different location from FF3.6.X in order to be able to work with both browsers in parallel I will be happy to test it.

    • The version before were installed in a different location. There are some reasons why it doesn’t make a lot of sense as e.g. using the same profile while switching back and forth with both major browser versions might be dangerous for profile data.

      • 1. I made a backup for my profile.

        2. One can always use a second profile for the beta version.

  2. I would similarly be happy to test it if it installs in a different location and I was able to use a second profile for the beta version.

  3. I’m currently testing it in a Factory distribution.

    1. When I have installed it from the repository, it complained that nothing provides mozilla-nss >= 3.12.8. I had to ignore that to be able to install

    2. There’s a site that doesn’t load anymore, I’ll open a bug in bugzilla

  4. Ok, it appears that bugzilla doesn’t open either. The other site was also a http that redirects to https, just as bugzilla is.

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