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-.TH FIREFOX 1 "January 04, 2006" firefox "Linux User's Manual"
+.TH FIREFOX 1 "November 30, 2017" firefox "Linux User's Manual"
 firefox \- a Web browser for X11 derived from the Mozilla browser
 .B firefox
+[\fIOPTIONS\fR ...] [\fIURL\fR]
+.B firefox-bin
 [\fIOPTIONS\fR] [\fIURL\fR]
@@ -12,27 +15,11 @@
 \fBfirefox\fR is a simple shell script that will set up the
-environment for the actual executable.
+environment for the actual executable, \fBfirefox-bin\fR.
 A summary of the options supported by \fBfirefox\fR is included below.
-.SS "GTK options"
-Gdk debugging flags to set
-Gdk debugging flags to unset
-Gtk+ debugging flags to set
-Gtk+ debugging flags to unset
-Load an additional Gtk module
 .SS "X11 options"
 .BI \-\-display= DISPLAY
@@ -41,13 +28,6 @@
 .B \--sync
 Make X calls synchronous
-.B \-\-no-xshm
-Don't use X shared memory extension
-.BI \-\-xim-preedit= STYLE
-.BI \-\-xim-status= STYLE
 .B \-\-g-fatal-warnings
 Make all warnings fatal
@@ -56,73 +36,106 @@
 .B \-h, \-help
 Show summary of options.
-\fB\-height\fR \fIvalue\fR
-Set height of startup window to \fIvalue\fR.
-\fB\-width\fR \fIvalue\fR
-Set width of startup window to \fIvalue\fR.
 .B \-v, \-version
-Print \fB/usr/bin/firefox-bin\fR version.
-\fB\-CreateProfile\fR \fIprofile\fR
-Create \fIprofile\fR.
+Print Firefox version.
 \fB\-P\fR \fIprofile\fR
 Start with \fIprofile\fR.
-.B \-ProfileManager
-Start with profile manager.
-\fB\-UILocale\fR \fIlang-region\fR
-Start with \fIlang-region\fR resources.
+\fB\-\-profile\fR \fIpath\fR
+Start with profile at \fIpath\fR.
-\fB\-contentLocale\fR \fIlang-region\fR
-Start with \fIlang-region\fR resources.
+Start with migration wizard.
-\fB\-remote\fR \fIcommand\fR
-Execute \fIcommand\fR in an already running Firefox process.  For more info,
-see: \fIhttp://www.mozilla.org/unix/remote.html\fR
-.B \-no-remote
-Don't try to control an already running instance.
+.B \-\-ProfileManager
+Start with ProfileManager.
-.B \-jsconsole
-Start with Javascript Console
-\fB\-chrome\fR \fIurl\fR
-Load the specified chrome.
+Do not accept or send remote commands; implies \fB--new-instance\fR.
-\fB\-new-window\fR \fIurl\fR
-Open URL in a new window if Firefox is already running.
+Open new instance, not a new window in running instance.
-\fB\-new-tab\fR \fIurl\fR
-Open URL in a new tab if Firefox is already running.
+\fB\-\-UILocale\fR \fIlocale\fR
+Start with \fIlocale\fR resources as UI Locale.
-Open Firefox preferences menu.
-.B \-safe-mode
 Disables extensions and themes for this session.
+Run without a GUI.
+Enable remote control server.
+Open a browser window.
+\fB\-\-new-window\fR \fIurl\fR
+Open \fIurl\fR in a new window.
+\fB\-\-new-tab\fR \fIurl\fR
+Open \fIurl\fR in a new tab.
+\fB\-\-private-window\fR \fIurl\fR
+Open \fIurl\fR in a new private window.
+Open Preferences dialog.
+\fB\-\-screenshot\fR [\fIpath\fR]
+Save screenshot to \fIpath\fR or in working directory.
+\fB\-\-window-size\fR \fIwidth\fR[,\fIheight\fR]
+Width and optionally height of screenshot.
+\fB\-\-search\fR \fIterm\fR
+Search \fIterm\fR with your default search engine.
+Open the Browser Console.
+Open the Browser Toolbox.
+Spin event loop until JS debugger connects.  Enables debugging (some) application startup code paths.  Only has an effect when \fI--jsdebugger\fR is also supplied.
+Open DevTools on initial load.
+\fB\-\-start-debugger-server\fR [ws:][\fIport\fR|\fIpath\fR]
+Start the debugger server on a TCP port or Unix domain socket path. Defaults to TCP port 6000. Use WebSocket protocol if ws: prefix is specified.
+\fB\-\-recording\fR \fIfile\fR
+Record drawing for a given URL.
+\fB\-\-recording-output\fR \fIfile\fR
+Specify destination file for a drawing recording.
+Set this app as the default browser.
 \fI/usr/bin/firefox\fR - shell script wrapping
-\fI/usr/lib/firefox/firefox\fR - \fBfirefox\fR
+\fI/usr/lib64/firefox/firefox-bin\fR - \fBfirefox\fR
 To report a bug, please visit \fIhttp://bugzilla.mozilla.org/\fR
-.BR mozilla(1)
 .B The Mozilla Organization
 .I http://www.mozilla.org/about.html
+.B Tobias Girstmair
+.I https://gir.st/