openSUSE project “Evergreen”

Following up on my previous blogpost I would like to give a small update on what happened so far about a longer supported (open)SUSE release.

We had a longer discussion on the mailing list if an openSLES (a’la CentOS) or “openSUSE LTS” would be the better or easier solution. There are pros and cons for both while the required infrastructure differs a lot. I’m not diving into details here though. While I would find a SLES clone appealing I’m not in the position to drive such an effort. I also do not think that having both makes sense and therefore I decided to go on with the other approach for now trying to extend the lifetime of an existing openSUSE release.

People in the community came up with the project name Evergreen and I think that matches what we try to build pretty well. I proposed to give the whole effort a trial with openSUSE 11.1 which went unsupported with the new year. At the moment we still have organizational and technical issues and most likely won’t be able to utilize all the update features (deltarpms, zypp patches) but still we will try to deliver updates from a certain update repository. Because of the holiday season we couldn’t figure out the details yet but hopefully will get it sorted out in time. Stay tuned for further detailed information here and on the mailing lists.

Please note that this effort is in experimental state still and didn’t attract that many contributors yet unfortunately. So at the moment it’s still unclear if we will be able to deliver as we would like to.

If you are interested in this project feel free to join our (current) project list.


3 thoughts on “openSUSE project “Evergreen”

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  2. Is it intended that previous RPMs are removed from Evergreen when new versions are available? On my system MozillaFirefox-3.6.15-3.1.x86_64.rpm has just been deleted when MozillaFirefox-3.6.16-4.1.i586.rpm is beeing downloaded.

    • It’s not intended but it cannot be avoided either. OBS needs to support it for us. I got a statement back in January that it might be possible to enable that for us but it didn’t happen yet. I need to recheck with the OBS guys.

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