openSUSE Conference 2012

Finally got around to find time to write a bit about my attendance of the openSUSE Conference 2012 in Prague.

Overall I found it a quite successful event even when I could think of a few improvements for next time.  I’ve attended quite some talks during the days and also helped recording some of them. But to me the most important thing was to meet and talk to people. Since openSUSE 11.4 is going to go Evergreen very soon there were quite some discussions including two related BOFs and a maintenance hands-on with Marcus from the SUSE Maintenance team as we are planning to use OBS’ maintenance features for the upcoming 11.4.

What I missed was a bit more space to meet and hack a bit. Both venues were a bit short on seats outside of the talks or BOF rooms. But congratulations for a pretty stable wifi network during the conference. I missed it at the hotel though 😉

Apart from that I’ve met some new (to me) people and missed some other community members including some from the board which is a bit unfortunate for the main community event but still there were many good conversations.

Special thanks to Petr from SUSE showing us the city and helping me to find my hotel when I arrived (and everything else) and also the openSUSE travel support program which was sponsoring my travel to the conference.

I’m looking forward to next year’s conference and hope I can attend there as well again.


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