openSUSE 11.1 support and Lightning

As with the release of openSUSE 11.1rc1 I’ve enabled openSUSE_11.1 for the mozilla repository. So feel free to add it to your local repositories.

Another news is that I’ve added the package MozillaThunderbird-lightning which contains Mozilla’s calendar extension for Thunderbird. I’ve planned this years ago but for different reasons (including gcc bugs that didn’t happen until Duncan asked me to add his Lightning package to the mozilla repo just yesterday). The reason for adding that extension was simply that you can’t get it as x86-64 version from upstream.

And as of today openSUSE 10.2 was removed from the buildservice which means that there are no more mozilla updates for that platform. I’m wondering how many people out there still rely on those since it’s possible to reenable support for that again but I’ll only consider that if there is real demand for it. So let me know and speak up 😉


Shiretoko for openSUSE

Since a few hours it’s possible to install Shiretoko Alpha 1+ from the openSUSE Buildservice.
These packages are just provided for testing and are nothing for the faint heart!

They are designed to be installed in parallel to other Firefox installations but it will use the same profile as your other versions if you don’t take care.
You should create an alternative profile by executing firefox31 -no-remote -p and remember using the correct one later using the parameter -P. (And create a backup of ~/.mozilla/firefox!).
I’m planning to do occasional updates but at least will try to follow the upstream milestones.

One-click install

One-click install


Firefox 3 release

Firefox 3 has been finally released today from the Mozilla Corporation!
That also means that adopted RPM packages are provided for the openSUSE users through the mozilla buildservice repository.
Subscribers of that repository will get the final Firefox 3 package when running a package update on distributions where it is actually supported. (openSUSE 10.2 and above).
Firefox 2.x is and will still be available for older distributions in that repo.
In addition a new RPM package called firefox2 is now available in the mozilla:legacy repository for people who want to have Firefox 2.x explicitely. We’ll keep that maintained as long as possible.
Preparing the full official online update for openSUSE 11.0 is on its way as well.


Firefox 3.0 and openSUSE 11.0

Since I saw some comments/requests during openSUSE 11.0’s beta phase that Firefox is still at 3.0b5 level even as Firefox 3.0rc1 is already out I want to give a short comment on what the plans are.
In openSUSE’s roadmap there was a freeze for packages containing cryptographic algorithms at April 7th. At that point Firefox 3.0b5 was current and so it’s not allowed to make cryptographic changes after that date. As Firefox depends heavily on Mozilla’s NSS which holds these algorithms we have to keep them in sync to be sure everything works.
When openSUSE 11.0 gets finally released there will be an online update to the latest Firefox package.
If you want to test what actually will end up in that package you can subscribe to the buildservice repository mozilla:beta and get the latest package there.
You are welcome to report issues with that in Novell bugzilla’s Firefox component mentioning that you use the buildservice package.


Firefox 3.0b4 just released Firefox 3.0b4 developer preview and so you obviously can find the latest packages in mozilla:beta as well.

If you don’t bother the risk running a beta version, please give them a try. We will also hopefully land the set of packages in Factory this week so that they should appear in openSUSE 11.0alpha3 for broader testing. As always feel free to report issues you find either in Novell’s bugzilla or Mozilla’s if you know it’s a generic issue (like rendering issues for example).

Something I need to post probably is that the MozillaFirefox packages cannot be used in their 32bit flavour if you run a 64bit system. This is because MozillaFirefox depends on mozilla-xulrunner190 which depends on mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nss and none of them is available as baselibs package due to technical buildservice restrictions.

If you want to test Firefox 3 in 32bit on x86-64 systems you should be able to use the firefox package from the same repository. You need to remove “MozillaFirefox” and install “firefox” which should work for you since it contains everything built in.

Happy browsing!


XULRunner 1.9 / Firefox 3.0b3

Over the last days I was working on preparing and polishing a XULRunner 1.9 package for openSUSE. It’s now available in the mozilla:beta buildservice repository. Some news of interest for developers using Mozilla technologies can be found here.

(Just a sidenote on what I’ve read yesterday: “Not only will Firefox 3 be the first release of the popular browser to use XulRunner as its back end, but upcoming releases of GNOME-based distros such as Fedora and Ubuntu are expected to install XulRunner by default as well”. I can only say that openSUSE is shipping, installing and actually using XULRunner since version 10.1)

Just a few minutes ago I also finished the first step in redesigning the Firefox 3.0b3 package I’ve been providing in the same repository. You’ll find that it is much smaller (the base package is < 1MB) as it's based on the XULRunner infrastructure now. That is quite a massive change and I don't know yet if it works well. Nevertheless I decided to publish that package so that people subscribed to the repo will get it when they update their packages. We need broad testing of that package since it is planned to ship that way in openSUSE 11.0. So everyone please report bugs you encounter when switching to that (preferably in Bugzilla).


Firefox 3.0 beta 2

I just committed Firefox 3.0b2 to the buildservice and it will show up for download during the day. (The buildservice is currently loaded with a Factory update so it might take several hours :-().
It’s still for testing purposes only! (While I haven’t seen any feedback about b1 yet and this post has been created using Beta2).

Another thing people might be interested in is that this version and also Firefox from the buildservice repository contain a searchplugin for openSUSE software search. Just choose it in the search box.


Firefox 3.0 beta 1

Firefox 3.0b1 has been released last week from the Mozilla Corporation and yesterday followed the first experimental package for openSUSE. It’s available from the buildservice’s mozilla:beta repository and its version is 2.9.91 because of RPM’s version number interpretation if you wonder. Note that that release (and its RPM package) is for testing purposes only. Backing up your firefox profile in ~/.mozilla/firefox is highly recommended before trying that version.

Another sidenote: Mozilla applications are currently not really working with the gcc 4.3 release in Factory because of optimization issues.


A week in California

… is almost over.
I visited the Mozilla Corporation (once again) this week together with a colleague and really enjoyed to meet some people (again) in real life and to meet some people I’ve never met before (even virtually) when we attended the Camino meeting which took place this weekend in Mountain View.
Now I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight and actually have time to really watch some of our content on Joost (the US-only stuff as well finally). Just watched a movie called Clockstoppers (launch directly if Joost is installed and you are in the US) which wasn’t too bad.